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British channel about Narayana Murthy

Vaidya Murthy, an Indian healer from Shimoga district who uses bark from different trees to cure various conditions.

People seek for him as early as 3AM in the morning and stand in the Queue. Few people arrive the previous day evening and wait until morning to receive the medicine. The queue usually gets around 200 to 300 people by 7AM. The queue gets longer around noon and in the evenings reaching around 1500 people. So far about 60-70% of the people have found positive results. And herbal medicines are safe enough to consume.

Vaidya Narayana Murthy

A Brahmin farmer by genealogy, Mr. Narayana Murthy continued the age-old tradition of Ayurvedic medicine with help of some NGOs. Unlike others, He doesn’t make tall claims. He is often referred as Vaidya Murthy. He and his family members have been treating the people of incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. for decades with herbal medicine.

The treatment methodology that Narayana Murthy follows is unique and simple. He does not insist on the presence of the patient. Any relative or representative of the patient can consult him along with diagnostic reports and medical history.

Address is- Shri. Vaidya Narayana Murthy, Village Narasipura, Anandapura, Sagar Taluk, Shimoga District, Karnataka, India. Map is here.

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