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25 June 2020, Yury Ulyanov

Vaidya Naryan Murthy died 24th of June 2020 at 10pm. 

10 March 2020, Yury Ulyanov

Vaidya Naryan Murthy stopped distribution of medicines to avoid spreading of coronavirus in  Narsipura and surrounding areas until further notification.

Documentary movie about the Healer from Narasipura

January 2010, Yury Ulyanov

I saw Murthy for the first time in 2009 in the movie "Ayurveda art of being". He amazed me so much, that in a half-year i went to India with my wife to find him. From that movie, I knew only the name of the village. 

January 2010, Yury Ulyanov

It was not easy to find him, because in India there are three places with similar names: T. Narasipura, Narasipura, Narasipuram. And the village was not on Google Maps those days. So, finally we found him in Narasipura near Sagar in Shimoga district. ​

He told us about his family using a family photo album. By the way, he does not speak English or Hindi. He speaks Kannada, but somehow we understood each other with the help of his son. His knowledge has been transmitted for 800 years, namely 14 generations from father to son. So he is now teaching his son.

I told him that I wanted to work by his side and see how does he work. He agreed.


Nowadays people join the queue in the evening. The number of patients sometimes reaches 2,000 people a day. People come with the most serious diseases: diabetes, stones in various organs, ulcer, asthma, problems with the heart, viral infections, allergies and other diseases. According to our observations, more than 60% of people come with different forms of cancer.


The healer allowed me to sit with him and sometimes he told me a disease in English. So, he cannot speak, but he knows some English names of diseases.

Also, I realesed that Murthy is calm, but strict doctor. A lot of patients ask to give additional medicine for their relatives. But he has strict limitation: one medicine for one patient. 


An extract from the film, describing how healer Vaidya Narayana Murty from Narasipura works.

Terminalia arjuna

In order to treat patients Murthy uses mainly roots and bark of plants growing right in the jungle behind his house. For example, heart failure and ischemic heart disease he heals with the help of the tree bark 'Terminalia arjuna '.

The bark of this tree has been used for many millennia both in Chinese medicine and in Ayurveda. The therapeutic effect of the cortex is caused by antioxidants from the group of flavonoids and oligomeric proanthocyanidins, and a positive inotropic effect can be caused by saponin-glycosides. In addition to its cardiac defense, Terminalia also helps with stomach ulcers.​

Narayana Murthy works

He works only two days a week: Thursday and Sunday. From 7 to 12 and from 14 to the last patient.

His address is: Narasipura P.O. Gauthampura, Sagar Taluk, Shimoga district, Karnataka state, India.

We stayed in Sagar near the Bus Station for 250 rupees a day. It was a double room with a shower and a toilet. In Sagar you can find some hotels, without bedbugs and cockroaches. Of course, the shower and toilet leave much to be desired. The shower is proposed in the form of concrete walls with a tap))

Then we went to Anandapuram and changed buses to go to Shikaripur. In the middle of the way we got off the Bus in Narasipura. And then we walked for about a kilometer to the end of the village to the house of Narayana Murthy.

Second trip to Murthy

March, 2016

The second time, in March 2016, I went to Vaidya Narayana Murthy for the medicine for those who either do not speak English or can not do it themselves. This time I flied to Goa and took a taxi right from the airport. It took 6,5 hours each way and 450 dollars. See the videos of my visit to the healer below.​​


This time there were much more people. And that crowd had brought changes to this nice and clean village that we saw the first time. So, now there is plenty of trash along the road and a big queue of taxi rickshas.

Nowadays, he gives powder of barks and roots of rare tropical trees that were planted by his ancestors. Also he buys some powder from Ayurvedic companies, because they cannot collect so much. 

So I took the medicine for my patiens. They applied it properly and most of them got a real improvement. And they wanted to get more medicine. After my trip I realized that it was so emotionally hard to get to this place and stand in that queue that I decided to get Murthy’s medicine without going to him. Another problem was to find an interpreter from Kannada to English.

Order medicine

February 2021, Yury Ulyanov​

Narayana Murthy son Raghavendra gives medicine for 27 days.  I am not son Narayana Murty.  I can help deliver Raghavendra Narayana medicine according to your description. If you can, then go to him by yourself. And only if you are far away or health does not allow to go, then order online.

If you what to order medicine online, than fill the form in English.

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